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1. History of the department
Assamese department is one of the leading departments of Barbhag College. This department has a proud heritage and it’s ever ready to serve the students. Assamese department always attempts to contribute to the society and culture with academic excellence. This department began its journey in 1964 with a teaching of the syllabus of Modern Indian Languages (MIL, Ass). In the Academic session of 1975-76 the In the present time the Assamese department offers courses of Major in Assamese, MIL, Regular (RC/RG/HE/HG), Ability Enhancement (AE) and skill enhancement (SE) at degree level and also alternative Assamese and MIL in higher secondary level. The Department has been devoting itself to the Assamese language, literature & culture since its inception.
2. Vision and Mission of the department
The goal of the department is to provide superior quality education. In addition to regular academic teaching and learning activities, the department of Assamese engages in research and extension initiatives to serve the community and the society. The Assamese department will introduce PG courses by 2023
3. Objectives
• Teach the students to develop their individual skills
• Gain knowledge of the student regarding Assamese art, culture and literature
• Creating human resources by enlightening education among students
a. Course specific objectives
Course Course Objectives
ASM-HC-1016 History of Assamese Literature • Gain knowledge of historical periods of Assamese literature and criticism of its evolution
• Understand the connection of Assamese literature and language with its neighbours
• Gain knowledge on characteristics of Medieval era of Sankardeva and Pre-Sankardeva literature

ASM-HC-1026 History of Assamese Literature (Sankardeva and Post Sankardeva Era) • Student can develop their knowledge regarding Shankari Literature, Post Sankari Literature, Pre Orunodoi period and its background
ASM HC 2016 Introduction to Linguistics • Gain knowledge of various trends and branches of linguistics
• Understand Linguistics phenomena and variety of perspectives
ASM HC 2026 Literary Criticism • Gain knowledge of Eastern and Western literary criticism
• Understand the difference between Western and western literary approach
ASM HC 3016 Asamiya Sahitya Prawesh (Assamese Creative Writings ) • Apart from gaining knowledge student could able to grasp literary test
• Gain knowledge about Assamese Creative writing like short story, poem, article etc.
ASM HC 3026 Asamiya Kabitar Saneki • The contents of this paper will develop their knowledge regarding many prominent poets of Pre-Sankari and Sankari Era
• Learn the concepts of romanticism and modernism through Assamese poetry

ASM HC 3036 The Assamese Culture • Know the social and cultural identity of Assam
• Understand the ethnic identity of various tribes and castes of Assam
• Gain knowledge of Assamese folk culture, tradition, Customs, Food habits, rituals, etc.
• know the characteristics of Assamese Sculpture and architecture
ASH HC 4016 Comparative Indian Literature • Develop knowledge about Comparative literature, its definition and various theories and trends
• Know the unity and diversity of Indian literature
• Identifies the relationship between Indian commonality and differences
• Reading various Short stories and novels from diverse languages and literature will enhance their knowledge
ASM HC 4026 Assimilation of Assamese Language • Develop knowledge of Indo Aryan Language family
• Know the history of the evolution of modern Indian language through various stages of Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit languages
• Know the linguistic similarities of Assamese with other Modern Indian Languages
• Gain knowledge on Sino Tibetan language family and various non-Aryan languages of Assam like Tai-Ahom, Bodo, Rabha, Khasi etc.
ASM HC 4043 (Assamese Prose) • Know the characteristics of old asssamese prose
• Understand the development of the different trends of Assamese prose through Sankardeva’s Dramas and Buranjis(Ahom Chronicles)
ASM HC 5016 (Assamese Drama and Its Style ) • Know the outline of Assamese drama
• Included selected Assamese dramas of this paper will enrich the knowledge of the students
ASM HC 5026 (Assamese Grammar) • Gain knowledge about the grammatical classification, grammatical elements and history of composing grammar in Assam
• Understand linguistic characteristics of the Assamese language
ASM HE 5016 (Assamese Folk Literature) • Understand the characteristics of Folklore, classification, elements
• Folk studies help to develop knowledge of the root of Assam

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